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UC Boulder employs steam to control weeds on campus

Jeremy Winer

Around 1 year ago we began the Weedtechnics Experiment with the University of Colorado, Boulder (CU). Their main aim was to improve the presentation standards of the CU grounds through Steam Weed Control. The experiment was a success, and they’ve been Steam Weeding ever since. While the CU Facilities Manager David Lawson said that improved presentation standard was the main goal for HDS, the benefits of the machine are many.

The chemical-free factor, of course, is a major one that promotes improved soil health, employee safety and other decreased environmental impacts. But because the machine explodes the cells of weeds, there is also no need to return to remove the weeds. They decompose on their own and are gone within a few days. The steam process can also be used in all weather conditions, whereas with chemicals, wind or rain means lost workdays.

Another benefit of steam is that the heat helps to germinate weed seeds. While that initially leads to more weeds sprouting, it also helps exhaust the weeds’ seed banks and eventually leads to much lower-maintenance beds.
When we delivered 2 more units in early spring this year Mr Lawson was impressed at how much less weed growth was returning in comparison with last years untreated areas. Dare we say the proof was in the steamed pudding!

During the winter months HDS will turn its attention to using their SW700 and SW800 machine as low pressure high temperature steam cleaners for like gum removal on sidewalks, cleaning landscape fixtures and removing water stains on the side of buildings left behind by the sprinkler systems.

CU Boulder employs steam to control weeds on campus

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CU Boulder is avoiding chemical weedkillers with a new machine that kills weeds with a shot of steam.

Housing & Dining Services Turf Manager Darren Willett had already been researching steam as an option for weed control on the CU Boulder campus when the 2013 floods hit, ravaging much of the Front Range yet providing a real-life example of just how effective the practice might be. Four years later, that “aha moment” is helping drive transformational change of the weed-management practices in the CU Boulder’s landscape beds and natural areas.

Housing and Dining Services (HDS) is beginning its second spring of utilizing machinery from Australian company Weedtechnics that uses saturated steam to kill weeds in landscape beds. The initial pilot with one machine last summer has led HDS to purchase a second this year.

Last summer’s results also proved successful enough that Facilities Management (FM), which oversees grounds operations for all general-fund buildings on campus, has just purchased its own machine. FM officials believe the machine could lead to at least a 60- to 70-percent reduction in herbicide use in landscaped areas.

About the Author : Jeremy Winer

Jeremy Winer has 30 years of practical experience in implementing integrated holistic approach to organic weed management across urban landscapes, recreational parklands and wetlands. He currently runs Weedtechnics specialising in providing chemical reduction and non-toxic weed control programs to municipalities across Australia. He has developed, patented, manufactured, and commercialised the Steamwand method of creating saturated steam for vegetation control.