Satusteam™ organic weed control for corporates and businesses

Excited about moving away from chemical herbicides?

Satusteam™ is your answer! No toxins - kill weeds with just water!

Safe for people and pets

Satusteam™ is totally safe for people and pets. Use it anywhere without a worry!

Leading edge technology for weed control

Satusteam™ weed control systems are top notch with a strong assurance of quality.

Safe for bees and other pollinators

Our weed killer is never a threat to any pollinators and birds because Satusteam™ is just water!

Satusteam™ is essentially a unique combination of saturated steam and boiling water and that is why it does not harm pollinators at work on your land. A couple of bee farms (who produce organic honey), wineries, berry farms, equine businesses and kennels have already realised the benefits of shifting to Satusteam™ and are enjoying guilt-free weeding on their properties.

Herbicides are known to have detrimental effects on the photosynthesis capabilities of a plant and because of their power to change the physiological properties of a plant, if not kill it totally, they pose a permanent threat to pollinators, birds and soil health. Satusteam™ has the potential to reverse engineer the damage.

Care for your soil - holistic nurturing

Every Satusteam™ treatment leaves behind a layer of freshly cooked vegetative matter that used to be those pesky weeds you wanted to get rid of. This layer of cooked vegetation becomes your own mulch that increases microbial activity in your soil. Studies conducted on the efficacy of this system of soil improvement (Click here to download). If you are in the business of producing organic food, wine, honey, or you love keeping horses and dogs, Satusteam™ is definitely for you.

A healthy soil biota will promote the whole environment around, nurturing everything within its realm.

The picture shows Enviroweed using Satusteam while bees are actively checking out flowers - unperturbed, stress-free and unharmed!

Aid in organic accreditation

If you maintain an organic establishment where your produce needs to be managed under some strict speculations, Satusteam™ is your best friend for weed control. Here's why: Satusteam™ needs no additives and chemicals to kill weeds and is just water! Our patented weed control hydro-technology works on the effectiveness in application of lethal thermal shock. Using thermal shock has immediate results, with cells within the weeds exploding and dying instantly! It is environmentally friendly, furthering the fulfilment of sustainability, environmental protection and health of community commitments, that we reckon the world needs more of.

Low pressure, high temperature cleansing and sanitisation

Satusteam™ machines are not only great for weed control, they make cleansing and sanitisation an easy job done. Quickly remove gum, moss, biofilm, dirt and grease from any hard surfaces like pathways, driveways, gutters, walls, pots, fencing and more. Delivered at low pressure you'll experience no splash back, clean knowing all surfaces, including timber and painted, are safe from abrasion and damage, even your car. Satusteam™ is delivered at 98ºC/170ºF, instantly sanitising surfaces, perfect for cleaning playground equipment and commonly used public areas.

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