Satusteam™ trailers and skids complete your weed control solution

Our Trailers and Skids

Sometimes, awesomeness comes packed on trailers!

Weedtechnics trailers are end-to-end customised Satusteam™ weed control solutions that are put together with your specific weeding needs in mind. Right from small, compact trailers to horticultural weed control systems for vineyards and orchards, to high-manoeuvrability trailers for landscape managers looking after pavements, public and sensitive areas. We design and deliver them all. Download the brochure here.

Our skids provide a versatile option of using your vehicle for other purposes when not satusteaming weeds.

Scroll down to check out some of our bestsellers:

Council Trailer


The Council Trailer is one of our hottest selling packages where you get a complete weed control system on a 8x5 trailer, fitted with a big, lockable toolbox that can house all the necessary equipment. There’s a Satusteam™ machine (SW900 or SW800) and a solar panel to keep your remote rewinding reel charged at all times, as well. It is very popular with our contractors in and around the country.

  • 160W Solar panel
  • 12v Lithium battery
  • Dual axle
  • Heavy-duty trailer
  • 2x Jerry can holders
  • Heavy duty suspension
  • Lockable toolbox
  • 1000L water tank
  • Manual brake
  • Jockey wheel

Self-tracking Trailer


Engineered with weed control for horticulture and plant nurseries in mind, the self-tracking trailer is well-regarded by horticulturists working in public parks and gardens, nurseries and playgrounds. They have a self tracking steering system that is designed to closely follow the turning radius of the towing vehicle. Surprisingly, these trailers are so responsive to movement that even one person can push a fully loaded trailer with ease, on an even surface.

  • 3.5m turning diameter
  • Easy manoeuvrability
  • High load capacity - 1,245 G.V.M
  • Ability to carry any one of our SW 800 or SW900 Satusteam™TM weed control machines
  • Includes a 800L water tank, 30m insulated hose, cool-touch lance, hose reel and custom-made applicator heads storage.
  • Optional extension hoses
  • Remote rewind reel
  • Suitable for wineries, public gardens, horticulture, nurseries and campuses.

Green Ninja Trailer


The Green Ninja Trailer is one of our two, compact trailer units designed specifically for the Green Ninja Satusteam™ machines we offer. It is a popular choice for weed control around aged care homes, schools and playgrounds, and areas with tight spaces, nooks and crannies.

  • 6x4.5 ft heavy duty flatbed trailer
  • 500L water tank
  • Tool box
  • Remote rewind reel
  • Side ramp with winch
  • Fully galvanised trailer
  • Spare wheel with the bracket

Easy Ramp Trailer


Another of our standard go-to option for compact trailers is the Easy Ramp Trailer. It has been named so partly because of the combination electric fold down ramp and winch that it features. The box trailer has raised perimeters, often a favourite space of our customers to advertise their brands and purpose. Just like the Green Ninja Trailer, this Weedtechnics trailer is quite versatile and can be used for weed control in areas that require precised approach.

  • 6x4 ft heavy duty box trailer
  • A 1100mm toolbox
  • 1.6m fold down ramp
  • Electric winch
  • Fold down rear wall/ramp
  • Tie down points

The Sumo Trailer


The Sumo Trailer represents a significant milestone for the efficient treatment of medium or larger sized agricultural and horticultural properties. It runs off the ‘Power Take Off (PTO)’ shaft of the tractor. The PTO drive pump removes the need for an engine and reduces complexity, machine cost as well as running and servicing costs. Organic farmers and horticulturists absolutely love it!

  • PTO powered pump
  • Simple change from 50mm hitch to agricultural standard ring hitch
  • Available as a road registered agricultural trailer
  • Rated for 3500kg road legal capacity and 6000kg off road capacity
  • 4000L water tank with 15 years warranty
  • Fully galvanised purpose-built trailer

Custom-built Trailer


We have the expertise to design and build a complete customised weed control solution for you that includes designing trailers that can house your existing or additional landscaping equipment, like whipper-snippers, mower, lawn tractor, ride-on lawn mower, garden tractor etc.

  • 14X6.4 Tandem Open Plant Trailer
  • All wheel 10” electric brakes
  • 1000L water tank
  • 1x Satusteam™TM machine
  • 4x Jerry cans
  • 1x Solar panel
  • 1x Remote Rewind Reel
  • Up to a 700kg mower (approx. W 1.8m/L 2.3m)

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