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At Weedtechnics we work with exceptional horticulturists.

Customers who are passionate about what they do, cultivating beautiful lavender, vibrant flowers, juicy blueberries, hops, grapes, citrus and bountiful macadamias, and organic orchards. 

The primary reason they came looking for an alternative steam weeding solution is that they all found themselves grappling with relentless weed issues that cost them time, reduced production and export opportunities 

Overcoming Weed Challenges in Horticulture

Reduced Income From Weed Competition

Horticultural growers face the relentless recurrence of weeds, which can quickly overtake their crops, competing for nutrients and water, reducing their ROI.

Organic or Chemical-Free Horticulture

For those committed to organic or chemical-free farming, the use of toxic herbicides is not an option. They are seeking safe organic weed control alternatives.

Desire for Cost Effective Optimal Solution

Time is precious. Our customers seek efficient and cost-effective weed management solutions that won't break the bank.

Soil Health and Biodiversity

Educated about the impact of toxins on soil health and pollinators, our customers understand the need to protect their ecosystem. Managing weeds without impacting soil biodiversity requires initial commitment to gain the long term benefits.

Personal Health and Safety

Repeated exposure to herbicides is now known to cause cancer and neurological diseases. Our customers have made the conscious decision to put the health of their family, employees and themselves above the convenience of using toxic sprays.

The Weedtechnics Solution

Our innovative Satusteam™ technology offers an organic steam weed control method that is highly effective and safe. We understand that you’re not in search just for a product;

you’re searching for a solution that promotes healthier soil, reduces costs over time, and enhances the overall well-being of your horticultural enterprise.

Dissatisfied with complex and costly weed control?

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Discover the Benefits

With Satusteam™, you’re not just investing in a weed control system; you’re making a strategic choice for the long-term success of your horticultural business. Satusteam allows you to:


Move Away from Toxins:

Say goodbye to chemical exposure of herbicides and welcome a toxin-free, eco-friendly alternative.

Preserve Soil Health

Satusteam™ minimizes soil disturbance, and recycles the locked-up nutrients and carbon of your weeds back into your soil, preserving the integrity of your soil and enhancing its fertility.

Boost Your Weed Control Efficiency

Tired of spending countless hours on manual weeding or slashing and line trimming every other week? Satusteam™ offers a more efficient solution, allowing you to focus on other essential aspects of your farm.

Control the Seed Bank

With just a few treatments, Satusteam™ eliminates existing weeds and eradicates their future regenerative potential by depleting the seed bank in the topsoil

Tired of chemical headaches?

Move away from traditional methods! Learn how Satusteam™ can transform your weed management

What is Satusteam™?

Safe, Sustainable Weed Control Solutions with Triple Bottom Line Returns

Our customers find their return on investment is quick, and the benefits of reducing health and environmental hazards deliver triple-bottom-line returns.

” Imagine a situation in the next six months where your weed management is improving your presentation standards and your soil health, without the risk of chemical exposure. Where your costs are reduced over time and you have the ongoing enjoyment of having turned an ecologically and health-hazardous task into a productive, safe, and satisfying process.”

If you are in production horticulture and this resonates with you, then you have nothing to lose by starting a conversation with us.

Stop battling invasive weeds!

Take a step towards eco-conscious weed management with Satusteam™. Contact us to reclaim your fields sustainably.

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Explore SatusteamTM in the horticulture space

Duckworth Family Farms

Witness how Satusteam Technology is transforming blueberry farming in the USA with this inspiring client testimonial, showcasing eco-friendly weed control and exceptional results.

Haskap Berry Farm

Discover innovative solutions for Haskap Berry cultivation and weed control with Weedtechnics’ SW900, Rowtech heads, and Hydra-Boom system, designed for efficient and precise application in the cool temperate.

Lochloosa Lake Farm

Lochloosa Lake Farm in Hawthorne, FL, USA, relies on Weedtechnics SW900 with Rowtech 55 Satusteam™ head to maintain top-quality plant material for the Blueberry industry since 2017.

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