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Proud manufacturers of SatusteamTM weed control systems- chemical free!

Proud manufacturers of SatusteamTM weed control systems- chemical free!

For leaders who choose to save their community and the soil from the harmful effects of chemical weed control practices.

SatusteamTM technology kills weeds with water!

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We offer bespoke weed control solutions
for your specific weed problems

Click on the option below that best describes your purpose.

Do you want to stop using
herbicides in community areas?

Do you want to create a niche business?

Are you a grower whose
biggest problem is weeds?

Your choice matters.

It’s time to ditch those chemicals! Control weeds with
water that is safe enough to drink.

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Suitable for organic farms

Satusteam™ is a patented hydro thermal technology that requires only regular tap water to kill weeds for good.

Custom-built Satusteam™ solution

We specialise in creating a tailored weed control solution for each customer.

Safe for pollinators

No harmful chemicals, toxins or additives are needed in weeding with Satusteam™. Therefore it is absolutely harmless for pollinators.

Assist in creating a greener tomorrow.

We are happy to be a part of the community of people who consistently try to improve and improvise their methods of growing for a greener future. Our Satusteam™ weed control systems are compliant to the requisites of organic horticultural practices.

Our machines delivered with client-focused bespoke weed control solutions are already in use in a number of vineyards, blueberry, aloe vera, sugarcane, macadamia, flower farms and several orchards across Australia, New Zealand, Canada and USA. Also, beekeepers love us because we are totally safe for pollinators! Read one of our success stories from Hi-tech Aloe Vera here.

It's not just a machine... A Satusteam™ machine is a transition into holistic weed control.

When our customer bought their transition from all other modes of weeding to weed control with Satusteam™, they marked the beginning of a fantastic transformation - now they can breathe easy while weeding because it's only saturated steam and boiling hot water around them! Are you planning on joining our mob already? Let's chat soon!

Our customers have moved away from

 Employee and community exposure to toxins

 Increasing WHS cost and compliance risk

 Herbicide resistance

 Toxin threats to pets and environment

 Potential irrigation-water contamination

They are enjoying their change to Satusteam © weed killing

Breathe easy it’s only steam

 Enjoying multiple sizes of applicator heads

 Immediate control of weeds

 It’s safe to use or plant your treated area immediately

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