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Chemical-Free Weed Management for Schools, Colleges, Universities and Campuses

At Weedtechnics, we provide toxin-free weed management solutions ideal for educational institutions searching for a safe, effective alternative to herbicides.

Our innovative SatusteamTM technology ensures a clean, beautiful campus environment without compromising the health of students, staff, children, or the public

Why Leading Educational Institutions Choose SatusteamTM 

  1. Safety First: Eliminate risks associated with chemical exposure, creating a healthier environment for all campus users.
  2. Immediate Access: No restricted entry periods after treatment, unlike many herbicides.
  3. Environmentally Responsible: Avoid harmful chemical runoff, protecting local ecosystems and groundwater.
  4. Cost-Effective: Reduce long-term expenses related to chemical purchases and potential health-related liabilities.
  5. Educational Opportunity: Demonstrate sustainable practices, supporting environmental science curricula and awareness.
The satusteam technology advantage

The SatusteamTM Advantage

Our patented technology uses saturated steam and boiling water to effectively manage weeds without any chemical residues. This thermal method is:

  • Fast-acting and efficient
  • Significantly fewer treatments compared to herbicides.
  • The area is safe to use after treatment
  • No spray drift because it is only water
  • Beneficial for soil health and biodiversity

Success Stories from Satisfied Institutions

We’re proud to have helped numerous educational institutions achieve their weed management goals safely and effectively. A few reasons they made the switch 

  • Prevent staff, students, and the public from carcinogenic chemical exposure
  • Prevent water contamination and spray drift
  • Save biodiversity from chemical harm like pollinators, soil, and microbes.
  • Repeated organic herbicide treatments were not as effective and too expensive.
steam weed control for schools