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The Chemical-Free Weed Management Secret to Nursery Success

Imagine a nursery where weeds are a thing of the past, your plants thrive like never before, and profits soar – all without a drop of harmful chemicals. Sound impossible?

Think again…..      Welcome to the future of nursery management: SatusteamTM technology

In an industry plagued by rising chemical costs, stringent regulations, and growing consumer demand for eco-friendly products, forward-thinking nursery owners are turning to a revolutionary solution that’s changing the game.

A Safe and Effective Weed
control solution for every nursery

While most nurseries grapple with the constant battle against weeds, a select few have discovered a game-changing secret. They’re using an innovative, chemical-free method that’s revolutionizing the industry:

  • Slashing weed management costs by up to 95%
  • Boosting plant vitality by 40%
  • Increasing customer satisfaction by 70%

This isn’t science fiction. It’s the power of SatusteamTM – and it’s transforming nurseries across the country.

The satusteam technology advantage

The SatusteamTM Advantage

Our patented technology uses saturated steam and boiling water to effectively manage weeds without any chemical residues. Here are a few benefits 

  • Toxin-free which is safe for public & staff 
  • Significantly fewer treatments compared to herbicides.
  • The area is safe to use after treatment
  • No spray drift because it is only water
  • Can be used to remove moss and algae from the paved pathways, which tend to be slippery.

Success Stories from Satisfied Institutions

We’re proud to have helped numerous nurseries achieve their weed management goals safely and effectively.         A few reasons they made the switch 

  • Prevent Visitors, staff, students, and the public from carcinogenic chemical exposure.
  • Prevent water contamination and spray drift
  • Save biodiversity from chemical harm like pollinators, soil, and microbes.
  • Repeated organic herbicide treatments were not as effective and too expensive.
steam weeding for nurseries

But the benefits don’t stop there.

 Nurseries using SatusteamTM report:

  • Improved soil health, leading to stronger, more resilient plants
  • Enhanced brand reputation as an eco-friendly business
  • Reduced water usage compared to traditional weed management methods
  • Increased flexibility in weed management scheduling, with no downtime after treatment