WEEDTECHNICS, inventors and makers of the Satusteam™ weed killing machines, aren’t shy about showing you they can drink from the “spray tank”.

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“We use water, so it’s perfectly safe to drink,” said managing director Jeremy Winer. “I wanted to feel good about weeding. I stopped using chemicals and developed a system that delivers a lethal temperature of water and steam at reduced pressure.

“You can work with two hoses that are 100 metres long out of our larger machine.”

The system is great for weeds that resist herbicides.

” It will allay any health concerns about your horses eating weeds with toxic chemical residues; or your family playing in and around your home garden,” he said.

“There’s no spray drift; no residual toxins; results are instant and visible; it’s three times faster than hand weeding; and most importantly, it’s safe to use near people and pets.”