Michigan Counties Implementing Chemical FREE Organic Weed Control Technology "SatusteamTM" by Weedtechnics - Weedtechnics

Michigan Counties Implementing Chemical FREE Organic Weed Control Technology “SatusteamTM” by Weedtechnics

Jeremy Winer

Municipalities and Councils in USA are implementing Saturated Steam Weed Control:

Dealing with invasive weeds at Oakland County Campus had always been a tough challenge for Mark Baldwin and his team of groundskeepers. They faced a dilemma – manual weed removal was backbreaking work, and using herbicides posed serious environmental risks. But their troubles were soon to be over when they discovered Weedtechnics’ revolutionary steam weeding machine, the Satusteam SW-900.

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The Satusteam SW-900: A Game-Changer in Weed Control:

Located in Oakland County, the campus grounds struggled to keep invasive plants at bay. Mark Baldwin, Chief of Landscape Services, expressed his concerns, “We had been looking for a more sustainable solution for a long time. Traditional weed removal methods were tough on our team, and herbicides weren’t ideal due to the environmental impact.”


However, their challenges were answered when they found the Satusteam SW-900 by Weedtechnics. This impressive machine used the power of steam to combat invasive weeds without harmful chemicals.

 “When we saw how this steam weeder worked, we were intrigued. It’s like using steam at home, but at much higher temperatures,” Mark remarked with enthusiasm.


Effective Weed Removal with the Power of Steam:

During the spring, when weeds began to emerge, Oakland County groundskeepers brought out the Satusteam SW-900. Armed with just plain tap water and a little gasoline, the machine generated scorching steam at 230-240 degrees Fahrenheit, the most efficient temperature range for killing weeds as it delivers Thermal Shock. Mark explained, “We use this powerful steam to dehydrate the stems and leaves of the weeds. It’s amazing to see how quickly it works on annual weeds like shepherd’s purse and groundsel – the leaves just wilt and turn black!”

Even tougher weeds like Canada thistle were no match for the steam weeder.

“While Canada thistle takes a bit more effort and multiple treatments, the results are still impressive. The foliage turns black, and the weed wilts. We’ve even heard of others using it on phragmites, which we have no shortage of here,” said Mark with a smile.

Environmental Friendliness and Safety:

One of the most significant advantages of the Satusteam SW-900 is its environmental friendliness. Mark proudly shared, “We have significantly reduced our herbicide usage since adopting the steam weeder. And the best part is that it can be used in any weather, even during rain or high winds, which would otherwise prevent herbicide application.”

What’s more, the steam weeder doesn’t require any pesticide certification for operators, making it a safer and more versatile option for their team. “We don’t have to worry about harming the waterways, aquatic life, or other beneficial creatures like butterflies, bees, and earthworms. It’s a win-win for us and the environment,” Mark emphasized.

Versatility and Cost-Effectiveness:

The Oakland County team found the Satusteam SW-900 to be incredibly versatile. They used it not only on lawns, pavement gaps, and garden beds but also for power washing sidewalks on the campus. Mark said with satisfaction.

Regarding the cost, while the initial purchase of the steam weeder was an investment, Mark was quick to point out its long-term benefits. “Sure, the initial cost was significant, but we’ve seen significant savings over time. We’re using fewer herbicides, and the machine’s effectiveness means we spend less time battling weeds,” Mark explained.

A Greener Future for Oakland County Campus:

Beyond weed control, the steam weeder has been invaluable in transplanting and eliminating diseased and dying trees on the campus. Invasive species like Norway Maple and Bradford pear trees, known for crowding out native plants, have been removed. Mark assured, “We’re taking steps to correct past mistakes. We’re removing struggling trees and planting new ones – black hills, spruce, eastern white pine, river birch, serviceberry, sugar maple, and burr oak. We’re committed to a greener and more sustainable future.”


Thanks to Weedtechnics’ Satusteam SW-900, Oakland County Campus has transformed its approach to weed control. Mark and his team have embraced a safer, eco-friendly, and highly effective solution that’s putting invasive weeds in their place. With a focus on sustainability and responsible landscape management, Oakland County is setting an example for others to follow. The future of weed control looks brighter than ever, thanks to innovative solutions like the Satusteam SW-900, ensuring a greener and healthier environment for all.


About the Author : Jeremy Winer

Jeremy Winer has 30 years of practical experience in implementing integrated holistic approach to organic weed management across urban landscapes, recreational parklands and wetlands. He currently runs Weedtechnics specialising in providing chemical reduction and non-toxic weed control programs to municipalities across Australia. He has developed, patented, manufactured, and commercialised the Steamwand method of creating saturated steam for vegetation control.