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What are the advantages of Steam weeding ?

Jeremy Winer

Here listed are all the advantages of steam weeding using Weedtechnics’ Satusteam™ patented technology. If you would like to know about our patented technology click here.

Safe for Sensitive Areas:

Satusteam™ offers a safe and effective solution for weed control in sensitive environments such as parks, schools, and care facilities. Traditional herbicides often contain harmful chemicals that can pose risks to human health, especially in areas frequented by children, pets, and the elderly.

Satusteam™ eliminates this concern by utilizing high-temperature steam to target and eliminate weeds without the need for toxic chemicals. This ensures that these spaces remain safe and inviting for everyone to enjoy, promoting community well-being and peace of mind.


Most effective steam weeding technology:

A photo of orchard head steaming.

Steaming weeds hits two birds with one stone: it’s effective against weeds and it’s non-toxic.

Satusteam™ technology ensures remarkable efficiency in weed control by applying thermal shock to weeds. Despite common misconceptions, steam weed control with Satusteam™ is both swift and cost-effective. The process revolves around the critical temperature of 100°C, which proves pivotal for optimal weed elimination.

Satusteam™ utilizes pressurized water heated to 120°C, delivered gently to weeds at 40-60 psi, akin to rain pressure. This application causes plant cells to burst upon contact, effectively eradicating soft-leaved and stemmed vegetation. Additionally, it disrupts the plant’s protective waxy cuticle, leading to rapid dehydration and soil decomposition.


By obliterating above-ground leaves and stems, Satusteam™ deprives plants of their photosynthetic capacity. Even resilient weeds must rely on stored energy in roots for repair and regrowth, a process gradually worn down with repeated Satusteam™ applications. Moreover, it effectively combats herbicide-resistant weeds, minimizing the need for pre-emergent herbicides and reducing weed management costs over time.


No water contamination:

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Unlike herbicides, which can leave chemical residues that may contaminate water sources and harm aquatic life, Satusteam™ leaves behind no harmful residues, preventing water pollution and safeguarding fragile ecosystems. This eco-friendly approach to weed control is essential for protecting water quality in areas near rivers, lakes, and streams, ensuring the preservation of aquatic habitats and biodiversity.

Preserves Soil Health:

Satusteam™ prioritizes soil health by maintaining soil nutrition and microbial activity, essential components of healthy soil ecosystems. Traditional herbicides can degrade soil health over time, leading to nutrient depletion and reduced fertility. By utilizing high-temperature steam to target weeds, Satusteam™ minimizes soil disturbance and preserves the integrity of the soil, promoting long-term soil health and productivity.


All-Weather Application:

One of the key advantages of Satusteam™ is its ability to be applied in any weather condition, ensuring consistent weed management year-round. Traditional herbicides may be rendered ineffective in adverse weather conditions such as rain or high winds, leading to inconsistent results and the need for additional treatments; and most importantly herbicides seep into the water table contaminating  the ground water. Satusteam™ overcomes this limitation by delivering reliable weed control regardless of external factors, enhancing efficiency and productivity for landscape contractors and property managers.


Precision Steam Weeding Targeting:

Satusteam™ employs precision targeting to eliminate weeds while minimizing damage to non-target vegetation. Unlike traditional herbicides, which may cause spray drift and unintended harm to surrounding plants, Satusteam™ delivers focused and controlled heat directly to the weeds, ensuring effective weed control with minimal collateral damage.

This precision targeting not only enhances the efficacy of weed control efforts but also preserves biodiversity and ecosystem health.


Immediate Usability of Treated Area:

With Satusteam™, treated areas are ready for immediate use after treatment, offering convenience and flexibility for property owners and managers. Unlike traditional herbicides, which may require waiting periods before the treated area can be accessed, Satusteam™ allows for immediate usability, minimizing disruptions and downtime for maintenance activities.

This ensures that parks, playgrounds, and other public spaces can be enjoyed without delay, enhancing user satisfaction and convenience.


Employee Safety:

Satusteam™ prioritizes the safety of workers by eliminating the need for handling and spraying toxic chemicals. Traditional herbicides pose significant risks to employee health and safety, including exposure to harmful fumes and skin contact with toxic substances. Satusteam™ eliminates these risks by utilizing high-temperature steam, which is safe for employees to handle and apply without the need for personal protective equipment. This promotes a safer working environment and reduces the potential for work-related injuries and illnesses.


Weed Seed Bank Control:

Satusteam™ effectively controls weed seed banks, preventing future weed growth without the need for additional pre-emergent treatments. Traditional herbicides may only target existing weeds, leaving behind dormant weed seeds that can germinate and proliferate over time, requiring additional treatments to manage. 


Satusteam™ addresses this challenge by delivering targeted heat to the soil surface, effectively destroying weed seeds and preventing future weed growth. This proactive approach to weed control reduces the reliance on costly chemical inputs and ensures long-term weed suppression, leading to healthier and more resilient landscapes.  Read more about the seed bank control here.


Cost-Effective Application and Operation:

In the long run, Satusteam™ offers a cost-effective weed management solution for landscape contractors and property managers. While the initial investment may be higher than traditional herbicides, the reduced need for multiple treatments, lower labor costs, and long-term soil health benefits make Satusteam™ a financially savvy choice for municipalities, councils, and environmentally-conscious organizations. By minimizing the need for costly chemical inputs and promoting soil health and biodiversity, Satusteam™ delivers long-term cost savings and sustainable weed control solutions for a variety of applications.


Eco-Friendly Weed Control:

Satusteam™ promotes environmental sustainability by eliminating harmful chemicals from the weed control process. Traditional herbicides often contain toxic substances that can pose risks to human health and the environment, including water pollution, soil degradation, and harm to non-target organisms. Satusteam™ eliminates these risks by utilizing high-temperature steam, which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. This eco-friendly approach to weed control reduces the carbon footprint of landscaping operations and promotes the health and vitality of ecosystems for future generations.


Enhanced Biodiversity:

By minimizing damage to non-target plants and supporting healthy ecosystems, Satusteam™ helps preserve biodiversity in urban and natural landscapes. Traditional herbicides can have unintended consequences for biodiversity, including harm to beneficial insects, birds, and animals. 


Versatile Application with Specialized Applicator Heads:

Horticulture Weed management, chemical free steam weedingSatusteam™ technology offers unparalleled versatility in weed control, thanks to its compatibility with various applicator heads and accessories. Weedtechnics Applicator heads and accessories are specially engineered to maximize the effectiveness of Satusteam™ weeding machines, ensuring precise and targeted weed control in a wide range of environments. These applicator heads are designed to meet the diverse needs of landscaping professionals, offering flexibility and convenience in weed management.


Patented Satusteam™ Delivery Nozzles for Quality and Efficacy:

Satusteam™ applicator heads and accessories are equipped with patented Satusteam™ delivery nozzles, guaranteeing quality and efficacy in weed control. These innovative nozzles deliver a precise and consistent stream of high-temperature steam, ensuring thorough weed eradication without the need for harmful chemicals. By harnessing the power of steam, Satusteam™ technology offers a safe, eco-friendly, and highly effective alternative to traditional herbicides.  View all our applicator heads here.


Versitech Applicators for General Purpose and Spot Weeding:

The Versitech applicators are among the most popular and versatile options offered by Weedtechnics. These handheld applicators are suitable for spot weeding, controlling weeds around buildings, and maintaining hard surfaces. Whether in parks, gardens, or organic farms, Versitech applicators deliver excellent weed control results, making them a favorite choice among landscape professionals and organic growers alike.

Specialized Applicator Heads for Horticulture and Agriculture:

  1. In addition to general-purpose applicators, Weedtechnics offers specialized applicator heads designed specifically for weed control in horticulture and agriculture. These applicator heads are equipped with features and attachments tailored to the unique needs of these industries, providing efficient and cost-effective solutions for weed management in nurseries, orchards, and crop fields.
About the Author : Jeremy Winer

Jeremy Winer has 30 years of practical experience in implementing integrated holistic approach to organic weed management across urban landscapes, recreational parklands and wetlands. He currently runs Weedtechnics specialising in providing chemical reduction and non-toxic weed control programs to municipalities across Australia. He has developed, patented, manufactured, and commercialised the Steamwand method of creating saturated steam for vegetation control.