The eight hidden costs of chemical weed control

Spraying chemical herbicides may seem cost effective in the short term, but there are numerous hidden costs that you may not be aware of that will cost you a lot more in the long run.

  1. Off-target damage and potential litigation
  2. Tarnished public image and undermining of your environment, safety, and sustainability commitment
  3. Repeated applications of herbicides creates herbicide resistant weeds, resulting in the diminishing effectiveness of herbicides
  4. Potential public exposure to toxins may expose you to liability
  5. Repeated employee exposure to known toxins drives up health and safety requirements, certification and record keeping costs
  6. Administration and resource management cost associated with maintaining no spray zones
  7. Impact of contamination of stormwater
  8. Threat to livestock, natural ecosystems and habitats

These costs (and risks) are significant and far outweigh the “cost-effectiveness” of chemical weed control in the long term. So, what are innovative, forward-thinking councils, businesses, and farmers doing to reduce the impact of chemicals in their community?

Environmentally-responsible organisations across the country are switching to weed eradication that:

  • Is chemical free;
  • Is safe to use around sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals, wildlife habitats;
  • Has no spray drift;
  • Does not harm operators;
  • Can be effectively operated in all weather conditions;
  • Reduces the amount of complaints from residents; and
  • Complies with state regulations.

How can you make the switch away from chemicals and eliminate the burden of these hidden costs?

Urban Steaming
You need thermal weed control – a cost effective, environmentally-friendly saturated steam and super-heated alternative to chemical herbicides. Steam is 100% herbicide free, and safe to use around sensitive ‘No Spray’ zones. The risk of litigation, and complaints from residents is dramatically reduced for organisations as there is no drift spray, it can be used in practically all weather conditions, and it is safe to be used in close proximity of children, adults, shops, and wildlife.

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What our clients say about us:

  • Weedtechnics’s benefits are its ability to provide a viable alternative to existing weed control techniques which is environmentally sustainable and cost effective.

    Director PB Ag Consulting, Australia

    Winner of the 2008 Wine Industry Suppliers Australia Environmental and Sustainability Award

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Ready to eliminate the hidden costs of chemical weed control? Contact us today.