The Machines.

SW700 Steamwand Machine

This is our most compact and manoeuvrable unit yet. Featuring pneumatic tires to easily get around and a simple connection to any garden tap this model really is plug and play.

This machine is a step up from the SW700 and is designed to deliver optimum output to one applicator head. It is perfect for municipal areas such as schools, parks, streets and for smaller scale organic growers.

This is our largest system designed for multiple applicator heads. It is ideal for most horticultural applications such as vines, orchards and row crops, however it can also be used for larger municipal applications.

The 8 Hidden Costs of Chemical Weed Control

Chemical weeding may seem cost effective in the short-term, but there are numerous problems that arise leading to additional costs.

1. Herbicide Resistance.

Just like anti-biotics, the more you use herbicides the more resistant the weeds become to it. This leads to more frequent applications which further damages the surrounding ecosystem and increases costs. However, with our steam weeders the weeds actually become more susceptible and need less frequent steaming.

2. Employee Exposure.

Repeated employee exposure to known toxins drives up health and safety requirements, certification and record keeping costs. Thermal technology has numerous demonstrated economic benefits and removes toxicology risks associated with Roundup and glyphosate products for people (particularly horticultural and conservation workers).

3. Off-target Damage.

Chemical spraying leads to off-target damage running up additional and unintentional costs. This can also lead to potential litigation.

4. Tarnished Public Image.

Chemical spraying will lead to a poorer public image and undermines any environment, safety and sustainability commitments.

“Over the past few years Waverley Council has been using Weedtechnics in these high-use areas to minimise weeds and maximize environmental protection, with great results. Not only are the weeds being eradicated but there is no chemical run-off into the waterways and no down time to running the program as there are no issues with weather”

Greg Holten, Waverley Council

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“We have had the experience of working with and trialing a range of thermal treatments. I have found the Steamwand machines, developed and used by Weedtechnics, to be the most effective available. Their operational systems provide a non-toxic weed control solution that should be considered by any municipality or city looking to reduce it’s chemical usage.”

Vince Cusumano, Leichhardt Council

Our Steamwand range works in nearly any environment you can think of.. however, the most common areas are..

Chemically Sensitive Areas

We can safely spray around schools, parks, playgrounds, WSUD’s and more. With chemical spraying there is often a lot of off-target damage, the toxins affect not only the wildlife but areas our children and pet’s play around.             

Urban Communities

We effectively work every where around the community. From the roadside, around public spaces, near food establishments and more.


Horticultural Production

Perfect for intensive horticultural producers such as berry growers, herbs, vegetables, orchards, nurseries, vineyards.

Landcare Applications

We effectively work every where around the community. From the roadside, around public spaces, near food establishments and more.