Weedsteamers Pty Ltd are the go-to contractors in the Greater Melbourne Area for safe, sustainable and cost effective, chemical free weed management.

You’ll find them working the footpaths, alley ways, children’s playgrounds, roads, kerbs, gutters, shopping malls, plazas, large paved or gravel areas and parks. Since 2012, they have been assisting Councils to reduce their use of herbicides using the SW range from Weedtechnics.

Mr. Andy Morgan and Mr. Tim Farrell, were aware of the harmful effects of chemical herbicides on humans and our environment. They have spent the last 20 years reviewing the research and technology available for organic weed control. Their desire to invest into a sustainable alternative since his research, brought them to the SW range from Weedtechnics.

Collaborating with Mr. Jeremy Winer, MD of Weedtechnics and inventor of the patented process, to negotiate the exclusive license to deliver contracting services in the greater Melbourne Metropolitan Area.

Opting for SW700 and SW900 from Weedtechnics.

 SW700 is Weedtechnics most compact and manoeuvrable unit.

SW900 delivers 10L of saturated steam/minute and therefore has the ability to run 2 or more applicator heads  simultaneously.

Weedsteamers’ currently run two SW700 and one SW900, to provide clients with a cost effective & efficient solution for organic weed killing.

  • Steady turn over growth for the last 4 years.
  • Currently running 3 SW machines, 2 trucks and has 5 employees working with Weedsteamers.
  • Expanding non-chemical weed control programs within local government, childcare centres, schools and hospitals.
  • Currently serving 5 major councils and other projects in Greater Melbourne area including ‘City of Yarra’ and ‘City of Bayside’.
  • Contributing to significant change in weed management practice in Greater Melbourne Area.
  • Reducing risk of litigation due to spray drift, among his clients.
  • Delivering weed management regardless of any weather condition.
  • Undertaking weed management without operators and the public being exposed to known toxins.
  • Saving clients, the cost of herbicide public notification requirements and restricting access during withholding periods.

Andy and Tim believe, SW 700 and SW 900 from Weedtechnics are the ideal apparatus for their specialised contracting business module. They are finding the SW machines effective, efficient and easy to operate.

They really appreciate Weedtechnics ongoing, continuous research and development of organic hydro-thermal weed control machines and applications.

Suggestion to similar businesses:

“It might take couple of days or even months to secure these specialised contracts, but once you become their solution to the problems of herbicide application, they certainly will be your dedicated client.”