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safe weed management for landscape contractors

Looking for a chemical free solution for weed management?

mage showcasing Weedtechnics' Satusteam™ transforming USA municipalities with eco-friendly steam weeding. A cityscape with green public spaces, symbolizing herbicide-free areas. Satusteam™, a reliable, chemical-free solution for a sustainable and healthier urban environment

Today’s clients are more environmentally conscious than ever, seeking landscaping solutions that are safe and sustainable.

With increasing awareness of the harmful effects of chemical herbicides, there’s a growing demand for eco-friendly alternatives. Satusteam™ technology provides landscape contractors with the perfect solution to meet these demands.

 By embracing chemical-free weed management with Satusteam™, contractors not only ensure the safety of outdoor spaces but also demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility. 


Why choose Satusteam™

Chemical-Free Weed Management: Say goodbye to harmful herbicides and embrace environmentally friendly weed management.

Effective Weed Control: Satusteam™ efficiently eliminates weeds without leaving any harmful residues behind.

Perfect for Sensitive areas: Suitable for use around people, pets, and sensitive areas like water catchments.

Versatile Application: Perfect for landscape contractors looking to meet the growing demand for chemical-free solutions.

Safe weed management

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Successful Landscaping businesses

With a growing demand for TOXIN FREE weed management, there have been several landscape contractors who use Satusteam™ in USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand

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