Steaming Sydney Olympic Park Green & Golden Bell Frog Habitat

We’re out at Sydney Olympic Park running a Weedtechnics Trial in a habitat for Green & Golden Bell Frogs, a protected species.

Over time there’s been a problem weed developing called, hydrocotyl, so we’re out here to see how effectively we can control it using our 100% organic SW Range.

The target weed, hydrocotyl, is a glossy leaved voracious carpeting perennial with a mass of runners just below surface. It loves sandy soils and mulch so it gets out of control quickly. Being glossy leaved it has a waxy coating that repels sprays. It is not a good habitat plant for the protected Green and Golden Bell Frog.

The trial is to asses the efficacy of melting the waxy covering using our superheated water. This application required 60m of hose length with some of the hose needing to be in the pond for access.

I was delighted that we still achieved our unique cappuccino sound of superheated water exploding into saturated steam at the applicator head and the hydrocotyl looked absolutely decimated within minutes. It remains to be seen how many treatments are required to deplete its energy and allow it to be out competed with desirable vegetation.

In an effort to keep the frogs away from the footpaths and roads, the groundstaff have introduced a frog fence to protect the area. They’ve also created a long pond and planted natives to attract a wide variety of insects and bugs, developing an ecosystem where the Green & Golden Bell Frog can thrive.

I’ve personally done a lot of work around Sydney Olympic Park over the last 2 decades, from Landscaping to Weed Management, and it’s great to see how it’s developed into such an inviting, natural, chemical-free area.

We’ll keep you updated on how the trial continues.