What is the effect of Satusteam© on the seed bank?

Have you ever hand weeded a garden bed, thinking that you have left the soil weed free – job done; only to have a veritable vegetative carpet of seedling weeds appear after the first moisture. That’s the seed bank being triggered to life by the warming of the soil, previously shaded from the sun by the weeds you removed, perhaps some exposure to light and certainly some available moisture.

soil seed bank

I have seen a similar effect, time and time again when weeding with Satusteam© – saturated steam and boiling water. The combination of adding heat and water to the soil surface germinates some species in the seed bank.

Seeds react differently. Some species of seeds can’t tolerate the heat and are denatured. They die and decay in the soil, whilst others love it, as it splits the hard seed coat and allows their first embryonic roots and shoots to emerge. Either way it’s a bonus. The bonus is that we can now deplete the seed bank. We can control next year’s weeds, this year.

woman operating satusteamWith Satusteam© you can control next year’s weeds, this year