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Safe and Effective Weed Control for Botanical Gardens with Weedtechnics' Patented Technology

At Weedtechnics, we understand the growing trend in botanical gardens to move away from herbicides.  

You strive for a beautiful and diverse display of plant life, but harsh chemicals can harm your precious flora and fauna, and compromise the safety of visitors.  Traditional herbicide use also comes with a number of safety precautions that can be burdensome and limit your flexibility.

That’s where Weedtechnics comes in.  We offer a revolutionary patented technology – “SatusteamTM” that provides a safe and effective solution for weed control in botanical gardens, and it’s a multipurpose tool that goes beyond just weeds!


Many botanical gardens nationwide are choosing steam-based weed management as a safer alternative to herbicides.  Weedtechnics offers a solution that aligns with this commitment to sustainable practices, and eliminates the need for cumbersome safety measures:

  • No More Protective Gear: Unlike herbicides, Weedtechnics requires no special clothing or masks for safe operation.
  • Spraying in Any Weather: Use Weedtechnics for weed control rain or shine, without the wind restrictions associated with herbicides.
  • Safe for People and Pets: Steam-based weed control minimizes risk to visitors, staff, and nearby wildlife compared to herbicides.
  • Protect Water Sources: Eliminate the risk of water contamination often associated with herbicide runoff.
  • Precise Targeting: Directly target unwanted weeds with Weedtechnics, minimizing impact on desirable plants.
Client testimonial of Australian botanical garden using steam weeding

Proven and Trusted by Botanical Gardens Nationwide

Our innovative weed control method has been extensively tested and proven successful in eliminating unwanted plants in botanical gardens across the country. 

Multiple botanical gardens have already benefited from the safety and effectiveness of Weedtechnics’ solutions.

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