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If you are thinking of converting to organic production; or are on the way there – Weedtechnics can provide the ideal technology.

Having great soil for your trees to grow; means that weeds will also be attracted. As much as you cover tree surrounds, those pesky weeds will need attention.

Weedtechnics has SatusteamTM machines that kill weeds without chemicals. So, you can have your organic accreditation. You won’t have to hand-weed or use smelly substances.

Consumer expectations are changing rapidly – they want organic

For an orchard, you’ll need the serious power of an SW900 machine; or even the larger SW3800KD, This can be skid, trailer or truck mounted and set up with Rowtech Applicator heads or the Hydra-boom for your tractor or truck, along with a water tank.

The SW900 units have a patented delivery system and are designed to run multiple applicator heads. The SW900 is ideal for most horticultural applications such as vines, orchards and row crops, it can also be used for municipal applications.

This model comes with a gasoline/petrol-powered Briggs and Stratton engines to run the pump. If you’d like to run this system with a Kohler diesel engine, please see the SW900DH… Download Brochure Here

Natural Weed Killing Steamer SW900Weed Killing Maching SW900 Mounts

The SW3800KD, the new generation units have fast heating and high volume delivery which gives you the fastest hydrothermal kill available. One can order a customised trailer perfectly fitted for the SW3800KD. The SW3800KD delivers 30L/minute and can do multiple heads totalling 280 cm width… Download Brochure Here


The Orchard 120 is designed to be towed behind or beside vehicles for treating weeds along orchard plantation rows, covering a swept path width of 120 cm. The Orchard 120 frame has a mounting point where a Rowtech 55 can be attached, this provides a means of weeding the stretch between treetrunks….. Download Brochure Here

With automation in mind, The Rowtech applicator heads allow for the rapid treatment of streets, blueberries orchards, vineyards, and other horticultural operations. Standard width settings between applicator heads 180cm (6 ft) to 240cm (8 ft). Custom design also available….. Download Brochure Here

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  • On-site training facility.

  • Yearly/Monthly service packages by experts from Weedtechnics.

  • Training video available.

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