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The Green Ninja brings the gift of a FREE hose reel. Feel the satisfaction of destroying weeds with the Green Ninja Stealth OR Green Ninja Pro

This tool isn’t just a weed killer

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The all-new Green Ninja is one of the most versatile tools that you will add to your maintenance toolbox. Weeding, pest control, machinery, paint and masonry cleaning, synthetic grass and playground sanitizing, barbeque cleaning, gum removal are just some of the range of uses you’ll find for the Green  Ninja. The Green Ninja creates SatusteamTM, a mix of steam and condensate (boiling water) that’s lethal to plants utilising our unique Australian patented invention.

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Weedtechnics are the experts, who have developed the patented SatusteamTM technology right here in Australia. Our SatusteamTM SW range is being bought across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and South Africa. Talk to us to discuss your requirements and customise your package to meet your needs.

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