Satusteam Weeding Trailer


for Australian professionals

The ultimate solution for chemical-free weed control

Already in use by 42 councils across Australia


Yes, I’d like to kill weeds with Satusteam© this autumn!

The Weedtechnics Advantage

  • Mobile sanitising unit for handrails, gates and play equipment
  • Satusteam© operating costs are less than $14.90 per hour *
  • NO additives, foaming agents, decalcifiers
  • Guaranteed most productive handheld applicator heads available
  • More productive than steam weeding and hot water systems
  • Large water tank increases productivity
  • Designed for continuous, heavy-duty operation
  • Designed for easy-care maintenance
  • Optimised productivity includes a remote controlled electric re-wind reel
  • No drop in Satusteam© delivery, even with up to 90 metres of delivery hose 
  • Heavy-duty galvanised trailer
  • Mobile bio-security washdown unit

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*based on Sydney fuel prices March 2020.

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See the 600mm covered head accessory at work

Find out how Satusteam© weed control improved presentation standards in a university going organic

David Lawson introduced Weedtechnics machines to the University of Colorado, Boulder to maintain their organic gardens

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Weedtechnics are the experts, who have developed the patented Satusteam© technology right here in Australia. Our Satusteam© SW range is being bought across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and South Africa. Talk to us to discuss your requirements and customise your package to meet your needs.

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