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Trailer Package
$3880 Save
Incl. of GST.
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Absolute awesomeness packed on a trailer!

The Satusteam™ Weed Control Council Trailer package is a bestseller all through the year. Horticulturists, contractors and small to medium farm owners often find this set up to be perfect for their weeding necessities. The trailer can be fitted with either a SW800 or a SW900 Weedtechnics weeding machine that can deliver 5L per minute and 10L per minute of Satusteam™ respectively. The image shows Satusteaming a spot about 60m away from the trailer. Watch the video here.

Further details about the trailer are provided in the brochure available for download.

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  • Carefully designed arrangement for easy access
  • 100% utility focused
  • Heavy duty, galvanised trailer
  • An all rounder in serving multiple job types
  • More productive than regular steam weeding and hot water systems
  • Designed for continuous, daily operation
  • Large water tank increases productivity and mobility
  • No drop in Satusteam™ delivery, even with up to 90 metres of delivery hose
  • Mobile bio-security washdown unit

Lock in this value for the SatusteamTM Weeding Trailer

  • Trailer Package
  • $3880 Save GST
  • Incl. of GST.
    T&C apply.