Keeping up organic credentials with Satusteam™

Moondarra Blueberries, Gippsland, Australia

The 160-acre farm at Moondarra was purchased back in 1976 by Mal Deveson and his young family. Looking for an alternative to beef cattle farming, Mal came across blueberries as a crop that was fairly new to Australia and would potentially suit the beautiful red soil at Moondarra. In 1979 he bought his first plants and subsequently, Moondarra Blueberries was “born” the following year.

Moondarra Blueberries is now well established and has a reputation for producing the finest certified organic blueberries and as propagators of quality blueberry plants. Today, as Mal steps into a mentoring role, the farm is managed by Mal’s son, Joel, with daughter, Kate, as Business Manager. Fruit and plant production is managed with the help of a small, but dedicated, employee group – Joel’s partner, Suzy, and good family friend, Adam.

Mal and Joel follow the four principles of organic agriculture – health, ecology, fairness and care.

Health – health of ecosystems and organisms from microscopic soil life to the largest animal life, is sustained and enhanced.

Ecology – reuse, recycling and efficient management of materials and energy, creating an ecological balance in nature.

Fairness – equity, respect, justice and responsibility of the shared world, both among people and in their relations to other living things.

Care – protecting the health and well-being of current and future generations and the environment.

Satusteam™ beats hand-weeding and smelly substances

Weeding the carefully planted rows of blueberries is a different logistic when your farm is organic. It’s important to keep the NASAA organic certification. Hand weeding becomes time-consuming, and some organic substances are unpleasant to use. Mal and Joel found out about Weedtechnics SatusteamTM. They have invested in the SW900 machine, fitted to a skid, so they can move it around their farm with the machinery already available.

They have been that impressed by the difference that using SatusteamTM has made, that they opened their farm to host a field day to show the steam weeding in progress. Jeremy Winer Managing Director of Weedtechnics gave a talk about why it’s worth using, why his system was developed among other thermal weed control methods and why it is effective.

The Weedtechnics SW900 SatusteamTM machine enables Moondarra Blueberries to keep their organic credentials