New Rowtech 55- Satusteam™ client seeing a dramatic savings into 2nd season

Lochloosa Lake Farm in Hawthorne FL, USA, is committed to providing the Blueberry industry with the highest quality plant material for one’s growing needs. Their nursery is licensed by Florida Foundation Seed Producers and the University of Georgia Research Foundation to sell the newest and best varieties of southern highbush blueberries.

They have been using Weedtechnics SW900, custom trailer mounted and pulled behind their small tractor with a Rowtech 55 Satusteam™ head mounted to arms in front of the tractor since early 2017. They currently use the machine in their newly planted organic blueberry plantation of 7 HA to control the weeds on the lightly mulched planting mounds of the Blueberries.

  • First season production rate of 1.5 Ha/Satusteam ™ weeding per day, 1 person.
  • Use of Rowtech 55 head on one side, concentrating output.
  • Used hand weeding to go back and pull out the few established tap rooted larger weeds on first treatment.
  • No loss of blueberry seedlings.
  • Less than 5% weed cover achieved in first 2 treatments.
  • Ideal Treatment speed 1 km/hr.
  • Treatment at 2km/hr also gave results.
  • 2nd season shows visibly less seed germination than adjacent herbicide treated plantation.
  • Production rate of weed control expected to increase x 2-3 times i.e. 3-4.5 Ha/day.

  • Better residual weed control using the SW900 compared to glyphosate/paraquat used on the conventional field adjacent (This is because of the seed bank management achieved with Satusteam™).
  • Great establishment of their newly planted first organic plantation.
  • 75% less labour than hand weeding.
  • Can use organic mulch, and granular organic fertilizers and soil amendments direct into the soil and root zone, which cannot be used when weed mat materials are used.
  • No fertigation necessary.
  • No weed mat costs.
  • No mechanical damage from weed trimmers.