Our customers have moved away from

 Employee and community exposure to toxins

 Increasing WHS cost and compliance risk

 Herbicide resistance

 Toxin threats to pets and environment

 Potential irrigation-water contamination

They are enjoying their change to Satusteam © weed killing

 Breathe easy it’s only steam

 Enjoying multiple sizes of applicator heads

 Immediate control of weeds

 It’s safe to use or plant your treated area immediately

In the media

These organizations are Satusteaming ©

Success stories

Loochloosa Lake Farm

We are getting incredible results with our Weedtechnics SW900. It’s solving the weed problem in organic blueberry production.

Jeremiah Hatzel

Why Satusteam © is a suitable solution?

What is Satusteam ©?

Satusteam © is a patented method of producing a mixture of saturated steam and boiling water for weed control.

How is Satusteam © delivered?

The most preferred solution for Horticulture is "The SW900 Horticulture Trailer" is the custom narrow trailer which has an external width of 150cm, length of 350cm and 1,500 kg carrying capacity. It is the complete, ready-to-go package….. Download Brochure Here

Custom Order For Extensive Horticultural Setting.... Download Brochure Here