Weedtechnics Assist Boutique Cheese Maker

The Fromart factory and family home is situated in an idyllic rural setting in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast hinterland. The 2nd generation family property has a large freshwater man-made lake, many tropical fruit trees and is bounded by tall forests.

They have been using their SW900 from Weedtechnics for killing weeds in their factory area on the long gravel driveways and in the extensive gardens. An unforeseen benefit is they are also able to use their machine for sanitization in the factory, including their stainless-steel utensils and the wooden boards used for maturing their 1500 or so imported and handmade Swiss cheeses.

Christian and Yvonne Nobel – owners of Fromart Cheese, used to opt for hand weeding and whipper snipping methods for managing the vast range of perennial and grass weeds common in the area.

The hand weeding turned out to be problematic as it was too time consuming & mechanical cutting had to be done too often in the tropical conditions. They didn’t want to resort to chemical weed controlling methods as there is so much nature on the property as well as their children and pets.

With the desire to go for organic weed control method they started searching for the most effective and efficient solution and came across SW range from Weedtechnics.

After discussing the product range with Jeremy Winer of Weedtechnics, and deciding it was probably going to be the best solution, Christian flew to Sydney to see the machines. If he was satisfied with them, the company had made arrangements to provide his training on the day and arrange delivery of the machine of his choice.

Christian had originally anticipated he would purchase a SW700.

But after seeing the increased output and flexibility of the SW900 realised that it was the ideal model for his needs.

SW 900 delivers 10L of Saturated Steam/ minute and therefore has the ability to run 2 or more applicator heads simultaneously.

Interchanging from 1 to 2 operators and having a mix of gravel driveways, orchard areas as well a number of paved areas to keep clean meant the SW900 was the right choice.

  • Managing weeds without toxins around cheese factory.
  • Labour savings and improved presentation of their property.
  • Gravel driveways remaining in stable condition without being deteriorated by unwanted vegetation.
  • Effectively sanitizing their factory including utensils made of stainless steel and softwood cheese ageing boards.
  • Weed management around their waterway without toxin risk for their native Saratoga fish.
  • Eliminating the risk of employee exposure to known herbicide toxins.
  • No storage, handling or contamination risk from herbicides.
  • Safe for use around their home and children.

Christian enjoyed the whole process of dealing with Jeremy. He is very thankful for outstanding services, starting from the process of making an enquiry regarding the ‘SW range; to delivery of the machine & training. He is pleased that his money has been spent on the right technology.

Christian and this team at Formart Cheese, have been using their SW900 for few months now. They are very satisfied with the result achieved.

A suggestion to similar businesses:

Christian Nobel- “Selecting from the Weedtechnics SW range of machines, is the investment your business can make for non-chemical weed control. Your purchase will have the added benefit of providing a healthy environment for workers, the community and biodiversity. SatusteamTM machines from Weedtechnics are the machine of the future. I highly recommend Weedtechnics, to all the businesses owners who are looking for an organic solution to get rid of weeds.”