Contractors Solution The public doesn’t want to see herbicides being sprayed in parks and shopping zones. Be a leader in your industry - add a new service; or change how you kill weeds. Weedtechnics are experts in their field. Jeremy Winer, who ran a successful landscaping company, developed and patented the SatusteamTM technology; because [...]

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Berry Farms

Berry Farms Solution Of course, something as wonderful as a berry has to be organic! Customers now expect that a berry farmer has gone to the huge effort of setting up their berry farm as an organic operation. Having great soil for berry bushes to grow; means that weeds will also be attracted. [...]

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Councils/Municipal Solution Weedtechnics work with councils and local government agencies to help them get rid of notorious weeds. 36 different councils across Australia are now Satusteaming™ for non-toxic weed control. As the risk of pesticides to children’s health is of increasing concern councils are targeting playgrounds for non-toxic weed control. They’ve found that Satusteam™ is [...]

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