Orchards Solution If you are thinking of converting to organic production; or are on the way there – Weedtechnics can provide the ideal technology. Having great soil for your trees to grow; means that weeds will also be attracted. As much as you cover tree surrounds, those pesky weeds will need attention. Weedtechnics has [...]

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Lifestyle Choice

A Lifestyle Solution If you have the opportunity to be growing food at your place you may find that you are just not keeping up with the hand-weeding. The weeds in the rest of your garden, paths and fence lines may be frustrating you too. For you, using chemicals is not an option. What [...]

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Vineyard Solution Join others making a point of difference with their wine. It has to be organic! Customers now expect that a winemaker has gone to the huge effort of setting up their vineyard as an organic operation. Having great soil for vines to grow; means that weeds will also be attracted. As much [...]

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