Berry Farms Solution

Of course, something as wonderful as a berry has to be organic!

Customers now expect that a berry farmer has gone to the huge effort of setting up their berry farm as an organic operation.

Having great soil for berry bushes to grow; means that weeds will also be attracted. As much as you cover mounds, those pesky weeds will need attention. Weedtechnics has SatusteamTM machines that kill weeds without chemicals. So, you can have your organic accreditation. You won’t have to hand-weed or use smelly substances.

Our The SW900 can be skid or trailer mounted and can be set up with Rowtech Applicator heads or the Hydra-boom for your tractor, along with a water tank.

The SW900 units have a patented delivery system and are designed to run multiple applicator heads.  This model comes with a gasoline/petrol-powered Briggs and Stratton engines to run the pump. If you’d like to run this system with a Kohler diesel engine, please see the SW900DH…. Download Brochure Here

Natural Weed Killing Steamer SW900Weed Killing Maching SW900 Mounts

With automation in mind, the Rowtech Applicator Head allows for the rapid treatment of streets, blueberry, orchards, vineyards, and other horticultural operations. Standard width settings between applicator heads 180cm (6 ft) to 240cm (8 ft). Custom designs are also available….. Download Brochure Here

The Hydra-Boom gives you control of the Rowtech 55 from the seat of your tractor.  Height, tilt, and width are all hydraulically controlled. Manual berm /slope setting provides flexibility for vines and berry production. Breakaway arms allow for close and gentle contact to pots, vines, berries, and posts.


Parts, Service and Support

Additional Services

  • On-site training facility.

  • Yearly/Monthly service packages by experts from Weedtechnics.

  • Training video available.


Loochloosa Lake Farm

We are getting incredible results with our Weedtechnics SW900. It’s solving the weed problem in organic blueberry production.

Jeremiah Hatzel

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