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TOXIN-FREE weed killing services

Weedtechnics provides chemical-free weed management services around Northern Beaches, NSW, and Galston, NSW. 

Our toxin-free services are suitable for schools, universities, campuses, old age care facilities, dog parks, equine properties, playgrounds, parks, and more.

Northern Beaches, NSW

Galston, NSW

Steam Cleaning Services

Non Abrasive Low-Pressure Steam Cleaning. Instant results. Safe for buildings, equipment, Wood structures and much more.

Weed Control In Paved Areas

Eradicate Weeds with only Saturated steam and boiling water on paved surfaces.

Pet Friendly Garden Weed control

Steam Weeding Treatment Is 100% safe around Pets and Kids. Areas can be used immediately after treatment.

Equestrian Property Weed Control

Toxin Free Weed Control Services. Zero Ground Water Contamination. Safe for Horse Stables, Paddocks, Arenas.
  • Breathing easy, because it’s only Satusteam© – saturated steam!
  • 3x faster than hand weeding
  • No spray drift
    Watering the land while you weed – it is just, plain water!
  • ​Treated weeds feeding the soil organisms – making your own enriched organic matter!
  • ​Safe to use the treated area immediately
  • ​Instant and visible results